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      Jay G

      Hi all! I just started on my journey using DFFS about 3 months ago and loving it.

      This came up on one of my solutions: is there a way to change carriage returns from a multiline into <br>’s in an HTML email?

      Multiline Entered:
      This is an example
      – Item 1
      – Item 2

      Comes thru email as:
      This is an example – Item 1 -Item 2

      Thank you!

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      Alexander Bautz

      Yes, you can fix this by using some custom js. Start by adding this to your Custom JS:

      // Define the variable outside the function to make it available globally
      var multilineEmailVariable = "";
      function dffs_PreSaveAction() {
          // Update the value when saving - before the email is processed
          multilineEmailVariable = getFieldValue("Your_multiline_field").split("\n").join("<br>");
          // This function must return true to save the form
          return true;

      Replace Your_multiline_field with your actual field name.

      Now change your email template to use the variable like this:


      Let me know how it works out.


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      Jay G

      Sorry for the delay, I just got around to implementing your suggestion today.

      It worked beautifully — thank you!

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