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      Paul Lynch

      Hi Alexander,

      We upgraded to the latest version of DFFS on one of our forms and now our JS button is not saving the form? Before we revert back wondered if there is any reason for this, or we need to update our code?

      Everything else in the function runs, it sets the fields, processes the email template, but then the form just doesn’t save (we couldn’t see anything in the browser developer console) any ideas?

      function NEWitem() {

      var allReqFieldsFilled = spjs.dffs.check_Mandatory();
      if (!allReqFieldsFilled) {
      “title”: “Missing required fields”,
      “msg”: “You must fill in all required fields”,
      “ok”: function(){
      // Close dlg
      // Exit send fn
      return false;
      setFieldValue(“TWrecordcreated”, [spjs.dffs.buildValStr(“{timestamp[MM/dd/yyyy]}”),spjs.dffs.buildValStr(“{timestamp[HH]}”),spjs.dffs.buildValStr(“{timestamp[mm]}”)]);
      setFieldValue(“TWEntryStatus”,”TW – record available”);

      Pervious Version
      Current Version
      v4.4.5.45 – July 18, 2022

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      Alexander Bautz

      I cannot see anything special here. I could be related to the email so you can try commenting out the spjs.dffs.processEmailTemplate line and test.

      It could also be that one of your hidden fields have a validation error that blocks the save. You can try opening the console and run this code to show all fields (after you have tried to save and failed):

      jQuery(".ms-formtable tr").show();

      This will show all rows – look through and see if you have any red validation messages.


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      Paul Lynch

      Thanks for this tip Alexander, Actually there was nothing wrong with the code, embarrassingly I had added the save function to the newform not editform (facepalm)

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        Alexander Bautz

        No problem, I’m glad you figured it out.

        Thanks for the donation!


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