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    Niclas Hultberg

    I am currently working on a project site and I use vLookup for Tasks, status, discuss and news. Have links that use project ID as a variable to different dashboards, works just perfekt. But When user want to create a new task directly in the child list they can chose project from a dropdown field (lookupfield to the project list) But then the _vLookupParentID will be blank.
    So when we look at the project the newly create task will no show up.
    How do I solve this?, workflow or some script?
    I tried to use a rule to copy the Lookup field {Project:vLookupID } but I doesn’t work. (works with {Project})

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    Alexander Bautz

    You can set up the “connection” to use either the _vLookupID or the ID of the parent – see attached image.


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