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      Hello Alex,
      I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to accomplish this:
      I have a page consisted out of an iFrame and a link Bar. Clicking on each Link updates the src of the iFrame. I do this with some JS function.
      What I want is to have the Comments box to show a different Thread for a each link I click.

      ex: Click on a link “Section A” will display “http://some address/A” in Iframe and will display all comments of thread “Section_A”.
      (I couldn’t figure out how to update the cBoxArg Configuration object, maybe JQuery?)


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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m not sure I understand, but updating an object is just like this:

      cBoxArg.ThePropertyYouWantToChange = "the new value";


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      O.k,but after I update the object, how do I reload the comments instance?
      Also,is this object is global? (can i update it from another script in a different CEWP?)

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      Alexander Bautz

      There is no built in method to “kill” the current cBox instance to rewrite it, but you should be able to use this code:

      // Clear existing cBox
      // Change the placeholderID and threadID
      cBoxArg.placeholderID = "commentBoxInstanse_2";
      cBoxArg.threadID = "commentBoxInstanse_2"+cBoxArg.threadID.split(":")[1];
      // reset data object = {}; = {}; = []; = {}; = {};
      // Call function

      Note the placeholderID “commentBoxInstanse_1” which is the default one, which is changed to “commentBoxInstanse_2”. This means you must have a placeholder for each of the cBox instances on the page.

      Hope this helps,

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