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      Phil Meacham

      I’m not sure if I’ve set this up wrong or if it’s a configuration issue so apologies in advance if I’m making a basic mistake.

      I have 3 lists, Portfolios, Agents and Agent Contacts.

      The main list and the one I want the drop downs on is Portfolio’s.

      On the Portfolios list I want to select an Agent, which is a lookup field to the agent list on the Title Column.

      I then want this to look at the “Agent Contacts” list to bring back all of the contacts (Title Field) where the Agent (which on the Agent Contacts list is a lookup field to the Agent List) which was selected previous.

      So the Portfolios list has 2 lookup columns, Agent and Agent Contact. Agent look up goes to the Agent list and Agent Contact Goes to the Agent Contact list.

      Agent Contact List has a look up to the Agent List.

      When you select the Agent on the Portfolios List, I want it to filter the results to only show the contacts from the Agent Contacts list where the Agent selected = Agent in the Agent Contact list.

      Does this make sense? Is this possible or do I need to set the fields to be text?

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      Andreas Blüher

      Hey Phil,

      I’ve just setup an environment very similar to yours and if you look into Cascading Dropdown documentation you’ll find the following text:

      The dropdowns can be single choice or multi choice. For single choice use a single line plain text field, and form multichoice use a multi line plain text field.

      So the answer to your question is yes the fields need to be set to be text and yes your setup is possible.

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      Phil Meacham

      Thanks for this Andreas, my worry with this is for a reporting point of view and linking with PowerBI.

      With Lookup columns I can use the ID’s to link the lists and it works well, but with this solution, I’m going to have to be linking on the text fields which won’t work as good.

      I guess I could have another filed that also pulls in the ID but doesn’t show if it’s the only value so it’s essentially hidden.

      I’ll give it a try and let you know how I get on.

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