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    I am using this solution to drill down a few levels and get to a specific item in a related list. Once the user finds the item they want, I display several fields to them as read only. They are only using it to identify the correct item in a process.

    However, when they submit the form, those values they drilled down to are submitted with the form. On the one hand I just don’t need them in the list, they are only for reference. But also I am getting an error because the final field I display after all the cascading is a multiline text in the source list, which has to be a single line of text in the destination list, and results in this error: Invalid text value. A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again.

    Do you have any suggestions for how to handle this scenario?


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    Alexander Bautz

    Unfortunately this plugin needs to be attached to actual form fields in a list, but you can clear the values before save by adding a function in Custom JS like this:

    function dffs_PreSaveAction(){
    	var arr = ["Level1","Level2"];
        return true;

    Change “Level1” and “Level2” with your fields.


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