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      Hi Alex,
      I need to find the best way how to solve this issue:
      1. I have 4 levels of cascading, and the third level has two choices:
      – Other
      – Construction work
      2. The fourth level has two options too:
      – under 100 000
      – over 100 000 and under 500 000

      What I need is when you choose “Other” I should be able to choose “under 100 000” only, and when I choose “Construction work” I must be able to select “under 100 000” or “over 100 000 and under 500 000” – so both options.

      Could you provide me with any piece of advice on how to proceed?

      I had an idea to verify data in custom JS with a custom function, but I do not know if there is a proper way how to succeed in DFFS.


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      Alexander Bautz

      How have you created the source list for this cascading dropdown? – if you define the source with the correct level4 options for each of the options on your level 3 it should work as you describe.


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      Now I have the data source set as described:
      1Level – Provoz
      2Level – Brno
      3Level – Other|Construction Work
      4Level – Under 100|Over 100 and under 500

      So I had to duplicate it, but for each option I needed I made a new list item:
      Provoz – Brno – Other – Under 100
      Provoz – Brno – Construction Work – Under 100|Over 100 and under 500

      The solution described in the second paragraph works.
      I think there is no other way, how to do it with no “duplicates”?
      Thank you Alex for your advice.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m glad you got it sorted out.


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