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      Adrian Blagg


      I have a weird issue. I searched the forums, but either there was nothing or my search criteria wasn’t good enough.

      We have DFFS installed on a list. It works perfectly for NewForm and EditForm — tabs and rules and everything. However, when we get to DispForm, we don’t have the ability to add tabs (the add option is not available). We tried to import the configuration from NewForm, then from EditForm, but got an error that said the configuration was bad due to a missing closing curly brace ( } ). I manually checked the exported configurations and there are no missing braces. I then tried uninstalling DFFS from DispForm and clicked on “Remove ALL Content Editor Web Part from this form” to be on the safe side and tried again. Same issue. Right now our only option is to remove DFFS from DispForm, but this means anyone can see all fields, which isn’t optimal.

      Is there something I’m missing?

      Thanks in advance!

      DFFS | CSS version 4.47/4.47 | SPJS-utility version 1.336

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      Alexander Bautz

      I haven’t had this reported before. Do you see any errors in the developer tools (hit f12 > console)?

      Also, have you tried in a different browser (I recommend using Google Chrome because it generally gives better error messages).

      PS: I have released a few new revisions after v4.4.4.1 with a few fixes – nothing that addresses this directly, but it might be an idea to test the latest version to see if it makes any difference.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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