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      Marcus Khoo

      Hi Alexander,
      I have an form configured with two SharePoint Lookup fields.
      The first field is a standard SharePoint lookup field.
      The second lookup is filtered by the choice made in the first lookup (a cascaded lookup) and correctly displays “search” options related to the first lookup.
      I am using the vLookup “Add new item” feature to “clone” the item currently being displayed.
      I have configured the “Prefill field values” so that the FIRST lookup field is prefilled with the value from the item.

      BUG found:
      In a new item, created using the vLookup “Add new item” method, the first lookup field is populated correctly.
      Bug is that the “search” results in the second lookup field now give duplicate options rather than just the filtered options defined by the first lookup.

      If I manually clear the first lookup and add it back in then the second lookup correctly displays the right values.

      It is only when I use the “Add new item” method to pre-populate the first lookup that this effect is seen in the second lookup.

      I hope this makes sense

      Best regards

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’ll have to test this and see if I can replicate it. Can you email me screenshots of the setup and the error so I can set up a similar test?


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      Alexander Bautz

      This should be fixed in the new version – can you test it and let me know how it works?


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