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      I had my forms, rules, and custom js working beautifully in our environment which was the SP 2013 back end but SP 2010 front end. When the front end migrated to SP 2013 last weekend, many people picker fields displayed incorrectly, some due to custom js and some with no code around the field. The issues do not seem to be consistent. I have removed some of my original code to eliminate the use of PreferredName or have remediated other issues with workflows but I would like to restore my prod version which was working. I am on v4.4.3.45. Resolution?

      1. Custom js that calls spjs.utility.userProfile fills in the PreferredName incorrectly – PreferredName and FirstName and when I write this field to another people picker field with a rule fills in PreferredName, FirstName, FirstName.
      2. Custom js that calls spjs.utility.userProfile(strManager).PreferredName fills in LastName and FirstName but no comma and no match to directory and when I write to another people picker field with a rule it fills in LastName, LastName, FirstName.
      3. Custom js for autocomplete that sets people picker fields from another list fills in PreferredName, PreferredName, FirstName.
      4. Rule that writes from Current User – setFieldValue(“CurrentUser”,spjs.utility.userProfile().AccountName) fills in PreferredName, FirstName
      5. People Picker field entered by user in NewForm with no rules or custom js opens in EditForm as LastName and FirstName but no comma and no match to directory

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m not sure I follow, but try this:

      1: Use AccountName and not PreferredName because having commas in the string you set in the PP will make it try to resolve two different users. You can also try this:


      2: Same as above.

      3: I need to see the code.

      4: Try


      5: This is strange – do you have some screenshots?

      If you could email me some screenshots so I can see is I can see what’s wrong.


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      Alex, I will e-mail some screenshots and code for #3 and #5. Thank you!

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