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    Phil Grant

    Browser IE11
    DFFS version
    Sharepoint 2010

    I just thought I’d try the autocomplete feature but not working as I’d hoped.
    1. I setup a list with one column as a single line text, created a few records.
    2. followed the instructions to link the list.{
     "applyTo": "Diagnostic_x0020_Address",
     "helpText": "Start typing the Diagnostic Address",
     "loadText": "",
     "listGuid": "{8DA6252C-231E-476C-B423-A605F0464E3E}",
     "listBaseUrl": "Site address confirmed in F12 console",
     "showField": "Column1",
     "searchFields": [],
     "filterCAML": "",
     "useREST": false,
     "filterREST": "",
     "optionDetailFields": [],
     "optionDetailPrefix": [],
     "enforceUniqueValues": true,
     "rowLimit": 15,
     "listOptionsOnFocus": false,
     "minLengthBeforeSearch": 3,
     "reValidateOnLoad": false,
     "allowAddNew": false,
     "isLookupInSelf": false,
     "addNewAdditionalFields": [],
     "multiselect": false,
     "multiselectSeparator": "; ",
     "orderBy": [],
     "setFields": [],
     "debug": true

    Debug in console gives me this

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by  Phil Grant.
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    Alexander Bautz

    Try setting the “searchFields” to the same value as the “showField”. Also ensure that “Column1” is the correct fieldinternalname of the field in your target list.


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    Phil Grant

    I found the “searchFields” info on another post but it didn’t make any difference.
    I’m sure that the “Column1” is the column title, but I tried again with a new list with different names but I still get the error.


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    Alexander Bautz

    What happens if you use the “Title” field instead of the “Column1 field? Could you email me some screenshots of the config and the datasource for your autocomplete (the list with the field “Column1”.


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