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      Jonathan Stamper

      I can’t seem to figure this out but I have an autocomplete that kicks off on a child form (vLookup). It’s using the rest filter and filtering based on a field populated to it via another child list but shares the same autogenerated ID as the parent list. For some reason, the autocomplete works perfectly when editing a child item. On new form, however, no data returns. Both edit and new are using the exact same ac setup.

      Not sure it’s doing that or do I need to do the set up different between new and edit form.

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      Jonathan Stamper

      My apologies, in the title it should have said “Only works on Edit form”

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      Jonathan Stamper

      Oh, I think I see why, it’s based on when the child form loads. I’m using vLookupPresetFromURLDone(fin) but it’s almost like it needs to literally wait until everything has loaded to capture. I have it on dff_ready and that doesn’t seem to work either.

      I’m not sure if there is another onLoad option.

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      Jonathan Stamper

      I figured it out…

      • I had some old AC code in my Custom JS section of the child forms. I’m using external js files now, with the ac inside a function, so it was conflicting
      • Once I removed the old Custom JS, the AC on the New child form worked correctly calling the ac function in vLookupPresetFromURLDone
      • Finally, the edit form stopped working with AC until I called it in dffs_ready within an if statement using

      Glad I got that working as that was causing some headaches haha.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m glad you figured it out.


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