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      Paul Heffner

      I hope I can explain properly. We have a list that we keep current and historical info in. If a user wants to update an item, I have it already set to search for the current names so they can select it. Now, once they select a name, I want the other fields to fill in with the list entry listed as the active entry.

      I thought about cascading drop downs but is there a better way?

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      Alexander Bautz

      It could be done with some custom code, but to write an example I need the internal name of the field that mark an item as active, the “name” field and the fields to update (internal name and field type).


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      Paul Heffner

      VQName – This is the name of the field the user will search up
      Current_x0020_Flag – Boolean to ID current record
      Attribute1 – First field that I would like to autopopulate.

      the rest of the fields are Attribute2 through Attribute12

      There are also StartDate and EndDate fields but I think the Current Flag is what I want to look at.

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      Paul Heffner

      Sorry for the double post but I have some Custom JS so the user can start typing the VQName and it will return a list matching what they type.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry for the late reply – can you show me the code you use to select the VQName? – also, is it a single ling of text field or a people picker?

      Please also tell what kind of field types Attribute1-12 are because the values might need to be cleaned up before writing to the form when using a query to get the old item.


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      Paul Heffner
      "applyTo": "Title",
      "helpText": "",
      "loadText": "",
      "listGuid": "{c7d70902-b17b-4cd1-bd33-6fd55219de3e}",
      "listBaseUrl": "/sites/CCSSMandR/MIS",
      "showField": "Title",
      "searchFields": [],
      "filterCAML": "",
      "useREST": false,
      "filterREST": "",
      "optionDetailFields": [],
      "optionDetailPrefix": [],
      "enforceUniqueValues": false,
      "rowLimit": 15,
      "listOptionsOnFocus": false,
      "minLengthBeforeSearch": 4,
      "reValidateOnLoad": false,
      "allowAddNew": true,
      "addToFolder": null,
      "isLookupInSelf": true,
      "addNewAdditionalFields": [],
      "multiselect": false,
      "multiselectSeparator": "; ",
      "orderBy": [],
      "clearSetFieldsOnInvalidSelection": false,
      "setFields": [],
      "debug": false

      All fields are single line text.

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      Paul Heffner

      Worked like a charm. Sorry for completley glossing over that field.

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