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William Summers

It happens about every other time, without constant consistacny. sometimes immediately on load. I have tested multiple browsers with the same issue.

If it helps, there are many times i also go into the DFFS config, make a quick change and try to save and it tells me that the form has timed out and to refresh.

Finally, i also get the error, when trying to set a field value using the user profile values, it says “The user profile is not ready”. This rule is set on form load. Some context for this is that I am trying to pull manager name from the user profile on load. When it works, i get something like “i0#|membership|”

so i am populating a text field on load and then wanting to run a function to remove the extra characters and then set a people field with the resulting email.

In the rules, it would be super cool if there was a “wait for the previous rule to finish” type selection as it seems sometimes they run so fast that they trip over each other.

I will send a screen shot when it happens and attaching the user profile error.