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Michal Riha

Hi Alexander,
maybe I have a clue – I use manally specified location for configuration list. It is in root of web collection (/sites/PWA) and list with DFFS is in subweb (/sites/PWA/TěstList).

I have this variable: var dffs_configListBaseUrl = “/sites/pwa”; in both DFFS_frontend_CEWP.html and DFFS_backend_CEWP.html.
The config is stored as “/lists/LISTNAME/editform.aspx” in https://xy/sites/pwa/Lists/SPJSDynamicFormsForSharePoint/

Error message from developer console is: “It is not possible to read charAt for non-defined or null link” (see attached picture).

Url “https://xy/sites/pwa/Test diakritiky ě š č ř ž ý á í é/” is encoded as “https://xy/sites/pwa/Test%20diakritiky%20%C4%9B%20%C5%A1%20%C4%8D%20%C5%99%20%C5%BE%20%C3%BD%20%C3%A1%20%C3%AD%20%C3%A9/”

Thanks and best regards