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    Nolan Hill

    I have a rule that is disabling the data (hiding the data control) in two of my fields when rule reversing is ENABLED. When rule reversing is DISABLED those fields are editable, but the data is there. When I log in as one of the users the rule searches for, I can see the data in the fields fine… but if i log in as a user who isnt one of the identified fields, the data is hidden entirely. Can you advise why this is happening? If i disable rule reversing, the field and data are visible. Please help!

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the delay. Have you tried to activate debug on the rule to see whats going on?

    My guess is that you have another rule somewhere that interferes and hides the field values? – could you look over your rules and see if you find other rules addressing the same fields?

    If possible, you could email me the BLOB exported from the Misc tab to I can look at the code.

    PS: Its now after 1 AM here in Norway so I’ll not be able to follow up until tomorrow morning.


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    Alexander Bautz

    In case others have this same issue: It was related to a problem getting the “beforeproperties” in SP 2010 when loading the form. I have updated a function in DFFS to fix it and will post this version hopefully tomorrow – or possibly during the weekend.


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