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    is there a way to copy a SP site using the DFFS app? I do always get the error it is not possible to copy (save as template) due to the DFFS app.


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    Alexander Bautz

    You cannot save it as a template if you use the APP, but if you remove the APP (removing the APP will not affect lists with DFFS already installed) and set up the local installer like described here, you can save it as a template.

    PS: If you save it as a template for use in the same site collection, you should set up DFFS to point to the SPJS library in the root of the site collection. If not, add the SPJS library to the current site (default location, no changes needed).


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    thanks for the update. I will try this way.

    if I setup DFFS to point to the SPJS library in the root of the site collection, do I not need to install the app?.

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    Alexander Bautz

    The APP is not needed if you already have set up DFFS in all lists, just remove it.

    If you however need to ba able to install or change DFFS in the lists, use the local installer as it is more up to date than the APP.


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