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      Brian Oster

      I have several lists that have a lookup column to another list (basic SP functionality). When a user views one of these lists and clicks the default hyperlink for the lookup column it opens the lookup column list item in a Modal Dialog. I would like for the linked list item to open in a full window or even a new window/tab instead.

      I am looking for a native SharePoint Online way to do this but I am not having success.

      All the lists, including the list linked too, are using DFFS forms so if I can’t find a native SPO way to do it, I was wondering if in the DFFS form if I could detect that the windows is a modal dialog and redirect to a full window, or maybe just display a button/icon for the user on the form when modal dialog to optionally switch out of the modal dialog to a full window.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Doing this automatically is not so easy because opening a link with code like this will most likely trigger the popup-blocker in the browser.

      You can add a link to the top of the form using something like this in your custom js:

      if (GetUrlKeyValue("IsDlg") === "1") {
          jQuery("#part1").prepend("<a href='" + location.href.split("&IsDlg=1")[0] + "' target='_blank' style='font-size:20px;'>Open the page in a new page</a>");


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