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    Joel Hjalmarsson


    So i have a form status dropdown. It will follow a set progress i.e. A -> B -> when the button is clicked. I was thinking of adding another save button that invokes this. When clicked the button would save the form as usual but i want to change the form status also which is set in a dropdown field. Can this be done in some way>?

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    Alexander Bautz

    You can call a custom function like this example – it will set the status and then trigger the normal save function:
    Add this to a HTML section in a tab:

    <input type="button" value="Button text" onclick="your_custom_function_name();" />
    function your_custom_function_name(){
      setFieldValue("Status","The Status you want to set");

    Change the field name Status and the value you want to set.


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    Joel Hjalmarsson

    Thank you that works well

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