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No worries. I appreciate you taking the time to answer our little questions.

This is the code I’m currently using (I’ve commented out the rest until I can get the Subtotal working). I’ve grabbed the field internal name from the child list for Line Total (Line_x0020_Total) and used the field internal name for the vLookup (vLookup) field in the parent. Is this correct? When the function is triggered it empties the Subtotal field.

fields = init_fields_v2();

function CalcTotal()

var vLookupTotal = $(".vLookup_Line_x0020_Total_vLookup").text();
//var Subtotal = getFieldValue('Subtotal');
//var Tax = getFieldValue('Sales_x0020_Tax');
//var Prod = ((Subtotal*Tax)/100);
//var TotalCalc = (+Prod + +Subtotal);