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Alexander Bautz

Strange, it did work in my test in an Office 365 site. Can you locate this line in spjs-utility.js:

if(result.errorCode === '0x80070024'){

and change it like this:

if(result.errorCode === '0x80070024'){

You must bring up the developer console (F12 > Console) to see the output – what does it read?

When you are in the developer console, you can go to the “Network” tab and activate the logging (hit “play” in the top left corner). Look at the output and compare it with “Network_log.PNG” (attached).

The first “/DFFS/_vti_bin/lists.asmx” with result 500 is the first query that hits the error handler in the first code snippet in this comment, and the next is the query to find the highest ID in the list. The next two is the original query separated into chunks of max 5000 items each.

How does your output look like?