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Alexander Bautz

You can do it a bit easier like this:
Add the side-by-side fields, but do NOT check “Stretch side-by-side fields over both form columns” in the “Side-by-side” tab.

Add this custom js in the Misc tab:

$("#sbs_OuterTR_1").find("div.dffs_tdWrap:first").html("<h3 class='ms-standardheader'>Q1</h3>");
$("#sbs_OuterTR_2").find("div.dffs_tdWrap:first").html("<h3 class='ms-standardheader'>Q2</h3>");

The number in this string represents the side-by-side index used in the “Tabs” tab when setting up side-by-side: sbs_OuterTR_1

The attached image shows the labels.