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Alexander Bautz

1: There is a bug in the code that strips away the ID from the URL. To fix it you can add this to your custom js:

spjs.cBox.doneUnsubscribe =  function (iID, id) {
    if (id !== "0") {
        jQuery("#subscriptionLink_" + iID + "_" + id).removeClass("cBox-Icon-RingerRemove").addClass("cBox-Icon-Ringer");
    } else {
        jQuery("#subscriptionLink_" + iID).removeClass("cBox-Icon-RingerRemoveLarge").addClass("cBox-Icon-RingerLarge");
        "msg": spjs.cBox.i18n("unsubscribeText"),
        "ok": function () {
            if (\?Unsubscribe|\&Unsubscribe/) !== null) {
                location.href = location.href.split(/\?Unsubscribe|\&Unsubscribe/)[0];
            } else {

2: The header and footer row are the ones shown in the attachment (1 is headerRowTemplateOverride and 2 is footerRowTemplateOverride) – do you want to add data from the form here?

Adding the Title to the subject is done like this – use same format for other fields:

"subject": "New comment by {author} on item with Title: " + getFieldValue("Title")

3: You must show me with an image what you want to change. All style applied to the solution can be found in the css file spjs-cBox.css that you link to in the custom css tab – you can edit it to change the styles.