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Travis Goodman

Hi Alexander, attached are 3 examples with snippets of screenshots in each and some additional commentary from me.

I’m pretty good at troubleshooting, but I cannot find a root cause with this one. This isn’t happening in every list, in some lists the curly braces are providing the values properly, so it’s something that’s going on, I just don’t know what.

Look at Example 1 — I am setting a single line of text field using 3 different fields as curly brace references. 2 of them work, 1 does not. The one that doesn’t is a single line of text field that is being converted by DFFS to a cascading dropdown. It is the first dropdown in the cascading order. The source column is a lookup column in another list. So I reference it as CaseType/Title in cascading dropdown configuration.

Example 2 is a choice field. Simply wanting to set the value of a multiline text field to the choice value for automatic note taking. This is something I’ve had for a year or so, and once I upgraded it is no longer working. That was version that I had prior to upgrading to this latest version.

Example 3 is a date field, and that column was created with a space by another admin, which is why the FIN is ugly. Either way, it used to work, but yeah, same problem.

There’s no similarities between any of these. All 3 examples are from 3 totally different lists too. That’s why this is so hard to troubleshoot. Especially since it’s not a total failure, some curly braces are working.