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Travis Goodman

I have another scenario I noticed.

Setup to test:

Claim Type (choice field — Active STDB, Active LOA, RTW)
Claim Status (choice field — Approved, Denied, Pending)

I then have 5 fields:
LOA Applied (Choice — put whatever choices you want, not relevant to test)
LOA Begin Date (Date)
LOA Approved Through (Date)
LOA PCR Type (Choice — put whatever choices you want, not relevant)
LOA PCR Requested (Date)

I then have those 5 fields grouped together with group ID loa, so I use tabGroup_loa in my rules.

Rule 1 — ClaimDenied (on load and on change):

If Claim Status = Denied

That’s it, I’m simply using it as a “linked rule and function” qualifier.

Rule 2 — ActiveLOA (on load and on change):

If Case Type = Active LOA

Same as above, no other settings applied, it’s going to be used in my 3rd rule.

Rule 3 — Linked rules and functions with “let linked rules evaluate parent rule on change” checked.


When Rule 3 is true, tabGroup_loa is placed in “visible fields” and in “editable fields” so that they show on form and I can provide values.

Here is where it gets messy….

Set it up so that you have an item already created that would make rule 3 be false when you next open the item. So for me I have an item where Status set to Active STDB.

That makes Rule 1 false on load, which makes rule 3 false.

So I can’t see tabGroup_loa right now. That’s expected.

Now, when I change Status to Active LOA, tabGroup_loa columns appear, but they are read only even though Rule 3 is true and they should be editable. Even debugging shows the fields should be editable.

I cannot find the flaw here. I’ve attached a screenshot showing the setup with the issue, and the debugger.