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Shawn Keene

I was about to ask if I could do a hybrid approach from the source list, but I just did some experimenting and it appears it does work that way. So my source list still has the same number of rows, but I added two more columns to specify the available status options and resolution options for each row. Status will always only allow either Open or Closed.

I attached a screenshot showing what I think is pretty successful test so far!

I think the last two pieces I need to work on are:

a) Hide the Resolution choice box if the Status isn’t “closed”
b) Require a selection in the resolution choice box if the status IS “closed”

I think I can accomplish both with rules that check on form load/change, I’ll be trying that next.

Thanks for your help so far. I don’t think I need more assistance at this stage but I wanted to share progress as I go.