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Picking up the conversation here from the blog post so I can add attachments and formatted code.

The script is returning what is shown in the attachment regardless of the parameters entered in the function call.

Referring back to the diagram: The Ticket list is my Child list and the Part Number list is my Parent list. The Child list lookup field to the Parent (Part Number) list is “DFFS_PN_Lookup” and is configured in the DFFS Cascading dropdowns Edit panel for this list. I then assign the same Part Number to various Tickets via this lookup field.

I have configured the Part Number Parent list DFFS Display form with the Custom JS, CSS, and a Tab ID “ReverseLookup.” I have configured a Rule that calls the function (init_getRelatedItems) when the Display form tab is loaded.

When I click the Parent list Reverse Lookup tab I get no matches, even though there should be several.

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