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Silvestre Kassoka

Hi Alexander,

I am trying to configure the Side by Side formatting on New form.I have been trying to follow the instruction on the link below without success.

1. I want to assign formatting to my SBS sides which was lost after i activated the SBS settings.The link above mentions inserting this code in custom JS and Custom CSS
.sbs_FieldTable *{
width:auto !important;
/* Ensure the tooltip icon won’t collapse */

However when i do so , i get the following erros in both CSS and Custom JS.
AT this stage i have my SBS columns with no formatting.

I have a filled with multiple options i would like to display on the form.In the link there is this snippet
function showChoicesOnSeparateLines(fin){
jQuery(“#dffs_”+fin+””).html(getFieldValue(fin).split(“; “).join(“<br>”));

However when saving the code it generates erros as shown in attached print screen 4.