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William Summers

good day. working with cascading using multi select I find something to be cumbersome. When you select an entry and use the autofill if only one option present, it doesn’t work. It simply adds the one value to the Available options and not into the selected options forcing you to select them and add them to the Selected options.

It would be cool if I were able to select 2 or more options in the “Available Options” box and all entries in the second box just transferred to the “Selected options” box. This would allow me to hide the second field “Business Sponsor” in this case so the EU did not have to deal with it and I could still use the values in a workflow.

attached in this example you can see I selected BI/Analytics & reporting as well as EF DATA CAPTURE

in the Business sponsor box the corresponding entries, “bill and Lisa” are placed in the “Available Options” and not automatically into the “Selected options”. Hope I am making sense.