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Paul Lynch

This is an Office 365 E3 licensed SharePoint Online Team Site

I’ve attached the console image (although some object arrays are cut off not sure how important they are)..

Also I pressed F12 on the chart page, whilst in edit chart view. (Not sure if that is relevant).


In order to get this chart ready for me to demo

I’d like to filter the chart to only show the entries in the list where the
“lookup column name” – (internal fieldname) is as below..
“Portal Status” – (Deployed)

This looks up another list called “Chart List”, picks the Title field (internal fieldname is also Title).

3 Title values I wish to show;
In development


Separate question – is there any function in the chart software to rename returned values? E.g. if I were to rename the above “Internal” as something else like “Deprecated”. Or at least rename their values in a legend?