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Travis Goodman

Hi Alex,

Following up, and yes I am able to use a multilookup column, but I cannot use it anywhere in my configuration. I’m attaching a few screenshots to make sure I describe the issue (and my request) as best I can.

So I have a source list, we’ll call it Test1 (see image labeled Test1 for this). That has 3 columns:

TestColumn = Single Line of Text
Lookup1 = Lookup Column (allow multiple choices)
Lookup2 = Lookup Column (allow multiple choices)

Then, I have a list called Test2 which has 3 columns that I’m using for Cascading Dropdowns, you can see the configuration in the image labeled CCDD:

Test1 = Single Line of Text
Test2 = Multiple lines Text
Test3 = Single line of Text

You’ll notice in the image labeled CCDD that my column labeled Test1 is assigned to the multichoice lookup column labeled Lookup1 in the source list.

Then, in image labeled Test2, you’ll see that the Test1 column works, I can select from the multichoice column, but the subsequent dropdowns do not work. Multichoice columns in the source list can only be used as the very last configuration.

So what I’m needing (and this is possible in SPServices Cascading Dropdowns, but overall yours are better), but what I need is to be able to have the multichoice column that I’m looking to in the source list be able to work anywhere in the configuration, not just the last step.

Am I making sense? So basically, in image Test1, I want the column called Lookup1 to be able to be in the middle of my configuration and all the dropdowns still work.