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Thanks Alexander

Much weirdness going on here, but I think we’re making some progress.

I do have access to change compatibility view settings, but others here won’t, and it looks like changes there don’t have much, if any, effect.

I have had some success with playing tunes on the emulation tab though. While doing that I’ve realised that the Rich Text Editor control only seems to display correctly in the default modes (doc mode 8, user agent IE11) – and anything entered into the rich text editor just isn’t recognised at all. The result of

spjs.utility.getFieldValue({"fin":"Consultee"}).replace(/<[^>]*>|\s| |xA0;|\u200b/g,'');

is simply


If I change the emulation mode to anything other than the default, the Rich Text Field is rendered as a simple text box (text within is then recognised and the form can be saved – everything normal, except for the fact that it’s not a rich text field anymore).
See attached screenshots.

I’ll try some more tests on the build that functions correctly tomorrow to compare with the tests above, but I’ve got a feeling that something just isn’t quite right with this laptop build, unless you can think of a reason that the content of the RTE control would be completely inaccessible?
I did find these two posts by Marc Anderson
Using `$(“textarea[Title=’Who have you consulted prior to this challenge’]”).closest(“span”).find(“iframe[Title=’Rich Text Editor’]”).blur(function(){
});` I’m able to alert the html contained within the RTE field – see third screenshot

That code is quite similar to getFieldValue_SPFieldNote_HTML in spjs-utility.

		var f = spjs.$([a.fin]), v = "";
		if(browseris.ie5up && browseris.win32 && !IsAccessibilityFeatureEnabled()){
			if(f.find("iframe[class^='ms-rtelong']").contents().find('body').html() !== ""){
				v = f.find("iframe[class^='ms-rtelong']").contents().find('body').html();
				v = f.find('textarea:first').val();
			v = f.find('textarea:first').val();
		return v;

browseris.win32 caught my attention – Will getFieldValue fail to target the correct values if I’m running in 64bit IE11? browseris.win32 in the console returns “false”… browseris.win64bit = “true” !

I’ll try to get into IE 32bit mode somehow and report back.