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Brent Miller

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by referring the scripts, but there aren’t any CEWPs in the current page. I am a programmer, but I’m still pretty new to sharepoint and web coding in general. I checked all the master pages I know of and didn’t see anything that looked like a CEWP. That said though, we HAD sharepoint 2007, migrated to 2010 and recently to 2013(now to the cloud). So I’d be shocked if there wasn’t some left over code in the page somewhere, but I’m not really sure how to find it if that’s the case.

Here is the output and I attached an image of the console as it mentions SCRIPT5 having Access denied. Wasn’t sure if it was relevant.

[object Object]{alertsEnabled: true, allowSilverlightPrompt: “True”, clientServerTimeDelta: -3704, crossDomainPhotosEnabled: true, currentCultureName: “en-US”, currentLanguage: 1033, currentUICultureName: “en-US”, env: “Prod”, hasManageWebPermissions: true, isAnonymousGuestUser: false, isAppWeb: false, isSiteAdmin: true, layoutsUrl: “_layouts/15”, pageListId: “{558f7f7d-5…”, pagePersonalizationScope: 1, ProfileUrl: “https://ass…”, serverRequestPath: “/Lists/Test…”, siteAbsoluteUrl: “https://ass…”, siteClientTag: “355$$16.0.5…”, siteServerRelativeUrl: “/”, systemUserKey: “i:0h.f|memb…”, tenantAppVersion: “0” …}

Thank you again for all of your help.