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    Gerard Graham

    Hi there

    I often hide the title field of a list in new and edit forms in favour of using a multi-line text column and using a workflow to sub-string characters from the beginning of the multi-line and setting the title field to that value. All works well, but when used in a task list with email alerts to the assignee the alert is issued before the workflow is finished so the title of the task isn’t included. If the multi-line has less than 255 characters I can set the title field in DFFS, but if there are more than 255 an error is the result.

    Anyone know the code I’d need to use to sub-string the multi-line to get the first 75 characters?

    Thanks, Gerry

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    Alexander Bautz

    You can add this function to the Custom JS – change the “Description” fieldname to match your multiline field.

    function dffs_PreSaveAction(){
        var fullText = getFieldValue("Description");


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    Gerard Graham

    THanks Alexander

    Works a treat

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