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    I’m trying to replace all the SPServices functions I use in my solutions with scripts and funtkions of DFFS.

    The only function I haven’t found a way to replace effectively is the SPServices.SPFilterDropdown feature. With it you can pre-filter DropDown fields (wrapped into an function that reacts to change I have created a kind of filted CCDD).
    The thing is, I need it to be a lookupfield, or something directly linked to the entry in the other list. (It can be single or multi choice…)

    So right now I have a lookupfield, I need to pre-filter, looking like this with SPServices:

    function filterMedJourn (){
    var field = $(“input[title=’Country’]”);
    var country = field[0].value;

    relationshipList: “Database”,
    relationshipListColumn: “Selection”,
    relationshipListSortColumn: “Title”,
    columnName: “Object”,
    CAMLQuery: “<Eq><FieldRef Name=’Country’ /><Value Type=’Choice’>”+ country + “</Value></Eq>”,
    debug: false

    Any tips?

    Best regards,

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    Alexander Bautz

    Unfortunately I don’t have any replacement for this SPServices method. As far as I know It should’t be any problems using SPServices with DFFS so I suggest you stick with it.

    Best regards,

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