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    Phil Meacham


    I’m testing with SharePoint online. I have the vLookup working on the disp, edit and new forms. But I can’t get it working on the list view.

    I’ve added the CEWP to the page and I’ve amended the vLookup_ListView.html file to point the dffs_folder_location to the correct location I think, but it’s still not loading.

    Has anyone got this working, I’m sure I’m just missing a step somewhere.



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    Alexander Bautz

    If you have added the vLookup column to the list view and still doesn’t see it, open the developer tools by hitting F12 > Console to see if you have any errors there.

    PS: vLookup in list view will only work with the “default” list view style and only in “Classic” layout.

    Also note that having one or more vLookup columns in a list view may cause the list view to load slower if you have a lot of items in the view without using paging.


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    Alexander Bautz

    I have found that there is an issue with the list view rendering in the latest version of vLookup. I’m working on a fix, but in the meantime you can pull the vLookup frontend file from the June 25 DFFS package.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

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