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    HELP! I LOOOOOOVE DFFS and have been using a lot of the functionalities! I’m trying to edit the new form in DFFS, but I keep getting this error:

    Error loading: /sites/…/SPJS/DFFS/plugins/jquery.js
    The DFFS loader is set up to read the files from a document library in the current site. If this is NOT the correct location, you must change the variable “dffs_folder_location” in the “DFFS_loader.html” file.

    This only happens when I try to edit the new form. The Edit and Display forms let me go into the DFFS setup. How do I fix this?

    Dynamic Forms for SharePoint DFFS Backend v4.4.3.7|CSS version: 4.36 / 4.36|spjs-utility version: 1.307

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    UPDATE: I figured it out. It was only happening on an IE browser, but when I switched to Chrome I was able to edit the page and remove a Jquery script that was conflicting with the loader.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m glad you figured it out.


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