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      Charlie Bell

      So i have setup vLookup to work with DFFS and new form using the _vLookup columns for adding new items to a RMA form when creating new that works great but i also have a Form on our website that gets submitted to a List then i run a workflow to create a new rma item and this workflow also creates equipment in a lookup list.

      I was going to use your _vlookupID and_vLookPartentID but i see that this column does not get populated when i create item with a workflow is there anyway to do this?

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      Alexander Bautz

      The value in the _vLookupID column is generated by the vLookup script so you cannot use this directly. You can however build this in the WF as the “ID” can be any unique string.

      The format can be all alphanumeric characters, and must have this format:


      The length of the parts left and right of the colon is not important, but you must ensure this “ID” will be unique within the list.

      Hope this helps,

Viewing 1 reply thread
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