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      I am using vLookup plugin backend v2.2.121 with IE 11 on a SP 2010 site.

      Can you query a vLookup on a date? If you can, what date format would be used to select a specific date in the past? The last time my child list went over 5,000 items it caused all my vLookups to the list to break and I am hoping this indexed date column will allow me to keep this from happening.

      If you have any other suggestions to keep vLookup working on a child list that goes over 5,000 items, please let me know.

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      Alexander Bautz

      The CAML query format for a date value is ISO8601 like this:

      2018-06-28 17:09:17

      You might have to specify it like this:


      but this depends on the version of SP you are running.

      In general, indexing the fields you use in the query should make the vLookup work past 5000 items – how is your CAML query configured?


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        Yes, I did make sure the columns I am using are indexed. In the past when the child lists when over 5,000 all the vLookups failed and they did not appear to be caring about the indexed fields. This was a later version, so hopefully with the version I am using now (June 20118) it will work. I wanted to use a date in case what I had did not work.

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