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    Bryan R Babbitt

    Hi Alex
    I am using some custom script to modify the headers in the forms . Like JQuery.

    var thetext = hi Alex


    In dffs on the header field I put . In version this works just fine. However in it is not working . Any ideas what might be going on?

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    Alexander Bautz

    The reason is that the heading and html sections are not rendered until you click a tab. This change was made to reduce the initial load time on larger forms with a lot of headings and html sections.

    Define your variable in Custom JS like this:

    var thetext = "hi Alex";

    Change your heading textarea like this:


    Then just change your variable like this:

    thetext = "hi Bryan";

    and it will automatically reflect in the heading.


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    Bryan R Babbitt

    Perfect..thanks Alex.

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