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    Over the weekend our SP2013 environment was migrated to SP2016. The 1st two days we didn’t have any issues reported until yesterday. Multiple users have brought to our attention the NewForm.aspx does not load the DFFS. When the user clicks on ‘New Item’ the form is listed vertically showing all fields. See both screenshots provided – the error and normal view.

    I’ve confirmed it by doing a screen share with them. My team doesn’t experience the same issue; it works fine for us.

    Any Suggestions/Guidance/Recommendations to help resolve for our users ASAP?


    Jignesh Shah

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the late reply. I think this might be an issue with the users not having read access to the /SPJS/DFFS folder – can you verify that they have read access here?

    If they do, please hit F12 and select Console and check for errors there. The Network tab might also show some line in red.


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    Hi Alex,

    Yes that was it. The SP Group was missing from SPJS Folder even though they had access to site and library.

    I can’t believe I overlooked something simple as that.

    Thanks again! Appreciate your help/guidance.


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