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    Tricia S.

    I have a solution that might work.

    What I do is rather than use the the prefill _vlookupParentID, I use a combination of Rules and Cascading drop downs.

    This looks to the deepest level I have:
    Here is the lookup list Field:
    and Here are the current list fields:

    Each level is going to change a bit:
    Deepest level:
    _vLookupProjectID= Project
    _vLookupPoPID= POP
    _vLookupID= Self

    Vs if I go to the CLIN setting Level
    _vLookupProjectID= Project
    _vLookupParentID= POP
    _vLookupID= Self

    Autofill subsequent dropdowns when they contain only one valid option needs to be selected.
    On my project list I can see all related Grandchildren and great grandchildren as different vLookup lists.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)