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    Afternoon Alex

    Sorry to bother you again (sorry), it didnt work, do you may know why? i put it at the end in a Script editor, it didnt give me any error or so but it didnt affect the column width at all. Then i put it at the beginning just to check if comes with a different result and it didnt either.

    Huge favor, do you have another suggestion? you would save my life if i can make this to happen.

    Thanks again

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    Roberto Garcia

    Thank you Sir.. you rock.. have a great weekend.

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    Roberto Garcia

    Afternoon Alexander

    Enclose you will find the file with the error.

    The only custom code i am using it is very simple and i took it out of your site as well.

    In the Tab “Custom CSS” i added this

    ul.tabRowLast li.tabSelected a{
    background-color:#f09609 !important;

    .sbs_tdIndex_1, .sbs_tdIndex_2, .sbs_tdIndex_3, .sbs_tdIndex_4{
    min-width:200px !important;
    width:200px !important;

    Let me know and THNANKS!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)