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      Hey Alexander & Community,

      I’m new here. I have DFFS site collection installed on my site.
      I’m looking to create a similar forms to these:
      1. https://uigarage.net/1form-user-sign-up-form-web-forms-ui-design/
      2. https://dribbble.com/shots/6660668-Form-UI-Design

      The ask is that I make the forms as templates so the info can be retrieved in SharePoint and people can start/stop/return to their work.
      Do I start with a SharePoint Custom List or another app?
      I’m on SharePoint Server 2016.


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      Hey TJ,

      First make sure you follow the full installation manual: https://spjsblog.com/dffs/dffs-installation-manual/. This includes the installer page.

      Once that is done, yes, you create a custom list. Create the columns you want in that list. Then you go to that installer page and find the list and install dffs on the list.

      Then you access the configuration by clicking the link at the bottom of the form. Usually you start with NewForm (clicking the New button) and start configuring that.

      There’s a ton of options and they are explained in the user manual. https://spjsblog.com/dffs/dffs-user-manual/ It can be as simple or complex as you need. Have fun!

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        @SteveE thanks!

        I was all the way up to create a custom list. I needed to go to the installer and add the list there. I see the configuration link now.

        I appreciate you reaching out. Thanks again!

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