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      Hi Alexander,

      Is it possible to limit a multiline text column to – for example – 2 lines and have a “read more” link after the 2 lines to show the full text like in an accordion ?

      Thank you very much in advance.


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      Alexander Bautz

      Add this you the Special configuration textarea for the multiline text field in the vLookup config (in the ViewFields section):


      Then add this to your Custom JS (in all forms and also in the list view if you use vLookup in a list view):

      function readMore(val, item) {
          var v = val;
          if (val.length > 100) {
              var trunc = val.substring(0, 100);
              v = "<span style='cursor:pointer;' onclick='jQuery(this).hide().next().show()'>" + trunc + "...</span><span style='display:none;'>" + val + "</span>";
          return v;

      Please note that this will only work for a plain text multiline and not rich text (because the substring will break the HTML of the field value).


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      Hi Alexander,

      Thank you very much this worked like a charm.


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