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      Hi Alex,
      Thank you for this awesome product! I am just taking my first look at Modern DFFS and was trying to configure a vLookup where parent field is RefID (text) and child field type lookup is luRefID. I keep seeing that the field name is not found and am using internal field names. What should the configuration look like in the vLookup? Thanks so much for your help!

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      Alexander Bautz


      If I understand correctly you have a child list that connects to the parent list using a lookup field that shows the value from a field in the parent named RefID.

      In that case you can use this setup in the vLookup configuration in your parent form to list all connected child items (luRefID is the internal name of the lookup field in your child list):

      luRefID eq '[[item:id]]'

      This config will match the lookup by ID which is more reliable, but you can also use this format to match by the display value:

      luRefID/Title eq '[[fieldValue:RefID]]'

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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      This worked perfectly, thank you so much, I just needed one to use as an example. 🙂

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