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    Did you make a change to the query for vLookup? I’ve found a couple of users that were using a query with parent list ID = child list text field that was working prior to the update with the query using type of text. After the update there are no results with type of text or type of number. One user had parent list ID = child list number field. Prior to the update query type of text was working but after the update they had to change it to number. The second scenario is fine but the first is a challenge as no matter what they change the query to they cant get it to work.

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    Alexander Bautz

    This is unfortunately a bug introduced in v2.2.122, but I have already fixed it: https://spjsblog.com/dffs/dffs-change-log/#vLookup_v22123

    Let me know how it works out when you have updated to this version.

    Best regards,

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