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      Paul Heffner

      I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced any issues with versioned comment fields in Dynamic Forms while using vLooup. Had a field stop working after getting vLookup working. It basically looks like the comment field is doing nothing and no new comment is added.

      If I uninstall DFFS from the edit form, the comment field works as expected.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Showing an append multiline field in a vLookup table / field will always show the field as empty because the values are stored in the previous version of the list item – the current value is always empty.

      You can look at this forum post from a few years back and see if you can do the appending without the need to use SharePoint versioning: https://spjsblog.com/forums/topic/recreating-multiline-text-field-with-append-changes-without-sp-versions/


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