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      Eric Dickerson

      I have a vLookup set up on an IT Assets list that queries related IT Cases and allows users to add a new IT Case from the IT Assets Edit, Display and List. This works great in the IT Assets list page… you can see the related cases and add a new case. However, when I add the IT Assets list view as a web part on a page, the vLookup column does not show anything.

      Is there some special way to get the add item to show under the vLookup column when looking at it via a web part?

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      Alexander Bautz
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      Eric Dickerson

      Ok… I had to do some testing on this to get it to work… the hints are there in the manual but here are some edits I would suggest to make it crystal clear:
      1) Tablular View is required and View Style must be Default (or at least it must be a view style that shows the check mark column header). For example Basic Table View Style will not work.
      2) The content editor web part must also be added to pages that wish to show vLookup Add Item and/or Query results. This web part may be anywhere on the page (I added this at first and was moving it around on the page to get it to work… not knowing my basic table view style was the problem)

      Thanks as always!!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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