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    Silvestre Kassoka

    Hi Alexander/Gurus

    I am faced with a task to create vacation request form that automatically deducts days taken and show the user the remaining days. I know from research i need to create two list with a unique values that identifies the two and have the changes in one list update the other lists. I mean from a concept standpoint. I know this can be done in sharepoint designer and i am reseaching this.
    However, I was wondering what sorts of options i have in DFFS to accomplish this.

    Anyone who as accomplished the same.?

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    Alexander Bautz

    You can set up a parent-child list using vLookup to list the vacation requests – using the vLookup solution to total the days used. See what you can make out of it by setting up the parent-child connection using the vLookup solution, and ask any questions you might have below.

    Her is a link to a setup example for vLookup:


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